Explore Sabbaday Falls from the Kancamagus Highway

Explore Sabbaday Falls from the Kancamagus Highway

Distance: 0.3 mile
Time: 5-10 minutes
Difficulty: Nature Walk

A short walk from the Kancamagus Highway (Route 112), Sabbaday Falls is a favorite pit stop for tourists and Tripyramid hikers alike. The three-story waterfall appears unassuming as it slips through a keyhole, peacocks over the main drop, and suddenly surges through the gorge’s narrow rock walls and over the final cascade, settling into an emerald basin pool.

Sabbaday Falls Top View
Sabbaday Falls — what’s not to love?

Sabbaday Falls is reached via the trailhead for the Sabbaday Brook Trail, a White Mountain National Forest hike that ventures to the col between North and Middle Tripyramid. Waterfall hunters need not worry about mountainous terrain as the trail is all easy going. There’s a small picnic area at the trailhead, along with signage educating visitors on the geology of the falls to complete the tourist decor.

Sabbaday Brook Trail
The Sabbaday Brook Trail to the falls is stroller approved. Piggybacks are also welcomed.
Sabbaday Falls Sign
A short distance in, there’s a spur trail on the left that loops to the falls. Note: swimmers need not apply.
Sabbaday Falls Basin Pool
The spur trail leads to the basin pool. Walk the rocky edge of the pool around the corner for the best view of the lower cascade.
Lower Sabbaday Falls
The lower cascade of Sabbaday Falls.
Sabbaday Falls Steps
A staircase from the basin pool (leave strollers here) leads to the upper section of Sabbaday Falls.
Sabbaday Falls Side View
A side angle of Sabbaday Falls’ main cascade, which has a drop of approximately 22 feet.
Sabbaday Falls Front View
Full frontal Sabbaday Falls.
Sabbaday Falls Upper Cascade
The keyhole opening for the upper cascade.
Sabbaday Falls Bridge
A boardwalk bridge crosses the gorge, and while there are railings, you’ll want to keep little ones in tow. They’ll thank you for it.

Directions to Sabbaday Falls

From I-93 exit 32, the Sabbaday Falls parking lot is 19.8 miles east on the Kancamagus Highway (Route 112). When travelling east, the lot will be on the right.

Sabbaday Falls Upper Cascades

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