Maine Appalachian Trail Hike Day 17: Gulf Hagas and White Cap Mountain

Maine Appalachian Trail Hike Day 17: Gulf Hagas and White Cap Mountain

I’m not sure how many times I can say that today was tough in this blog? It seems that the record broke on that song and dance a long time ago. We began the day by attempting to explore Gulf Hagas, an immense slate gorge carved out by the Pleasant River. After seeing Screw Auger Falls and a couple of the other viewpoints we realized that we were wasting two valuable resources — time and energy — so we doubled back to the AT.

Once back on the trail we began a long and gradual ascent up Gulf Hagas Mountain, which, after close to five miles, turned very steep with rock staircases for about a mile. From there we had an equally steep climb to the West Peak, followed by two relatively moderate climbs, ultimately placing us on the summit of White Cap Mountain at 3654 feet. Here we were afforded our first views of Katahdin.

When we strolled into the Logan Brook Lean-to at about five o’clock we had a bit of a dilemma on our hands. All of the tent sites, and most of the real estate in the lean-to were already occupied by two separate female groups of teenagers. On one hand it didn’t quite seem appropriate for two thirty-plus-year-old men to set up camp amongst them. On the other hand it was another four miles to the next camp site and we had been told that the following site was also at capacity due to several other youth groups.

As an aside, there should be some social rules governing situations like this. For example, in the same way that it is illegal to yell “fire” in a crowded building, screaming the names of the Jonas brothers or Justin Bieber in a camp filled with teenage girls should be strictly forbidden. It could incite mass hysteria. As an aside aside, I think a part of me just died knowing that I could come up with the Jonas brothers and Bieber without the assistance of Google. I hope I at least spelled their names wrong.

Back to our dilemma: we scouted out the trail a little further and found an overflow tent site about 200 hundred yards from the main camping area. With a nice soothing breeze billowing through the trees we can barely hear the cackling from here.

Getting closer…

Screw Auger Falls in Gulf Hagas. Or, as my son would say, “fall, water.”

Our first glimpse of Katahdin.

AT for “yesterday.” A look back at the Barren Chairback Range from the summit of White Cap Mountain.

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